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What Will Your 2008 Look Like?

As 2007 comes to a close, we are all presented with a great opportunity to reflect on the year’s events and truly assess ourselves and our organizations in the hopes of setting goals that will help make the new year the best yet. Take a moment to reflect on 2007. What successes have you celebrated?… Read more »

Strategic Planning and Implementation – Why So Difficult?

Yes, it’s getting near that time of year when most businesses start preparing for one of their most important year-end processes: strategic planning. The team here at LeadershipOne gets to see many versions of this exercise. Since we focus on helping businesses manage some form of transition, we usually are involved in assisting clients update… Read more »

Communication in the Workplace

Our firm conducts a significant number of surveys as part of our diagnostics for assisting companies to improve their management practices. It should come as no surprise that communication is almost always one of the top three management issues. Most survey respondents feel this is an area that usually needs improvement. The funny thing about… Read more »

March Madness – Lessons in Leadership

Well, by the time this article reaches you the Final Four in college basketball will be finalized. But I have to say, what a great example this whole “madness” process represents in intensity – and leadership. I am fascinated by it, first because college sports are my favorite, but perhaps even more because of the… Read more »

Trust in the Workplace

Considering all that has taken place in corporate governance over the past five years or so, it is no surprise that “trust” has taken center stage in current leadership business writing. You will be hearing, and seeing, a lot about a new book that is currently having high impact in leadership circles. The author is… Read more »

Management Perspective for 2006

Management Perspective for 2006 Hal Johnson, November/December 2006 As we approach the end of 2006 I found myself thinking back over the year about the general message being delivered by this year’s top management books. According to Amazon, these have been among the top sellers: Good to Great – Jim Collins Blink – Malcolm Gladwell… Read more »

The Thieves of Productivity – It’s time to go on the offensive!

A recent Harvard Business Review article pointed out that many businesses fail to get the full benefit from their strategies. The article was based on a survey of 197 companies to identify the effectiveness of translating their strategies into performance. What was found is, of the businesses surveyed, they only achieved 63% of the financial… Read more »