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Champions – the Key to Effectiveness

Exactly what is a Champion? The original meaning of the word comes to us from English history; in the Feudal Era, knights were expected to be champions of both prowess in combat and of causes, the latter most commonly being either patriotic, romantic or religious in nature. In sports, a champion is the athlete or… Read more »

Why Marketing Planning Fails…and What to Do About It

Many mid size businesses make attempts to “institutionalize” marketing within the business. They try to make marketing a component of the business and subsequently try to develop and implement a marketing plan. But often these efforts fail. Why? Based on my experience with many difference types of marketing plans for many different businesses, I conclude… Read more »

Motivating Employees – The Leader’s Job

Did you know that most people in the US currently are unhappy with their jobs? It’s true. A recent CNN article mentions job satisfaction has hit a 22 year low. Despite going through one of the worst job markets in history, the majority of those still employed aren’t even satisfied with their job. This we… Read more »

March Madness – Lessons in Leadership

By the time this article reaches you the Final Four in college basketball will be completed. But I have to say, what a great example this whole “madness” process represents in intensity – and leadership. This great series started in 1939 and the intensity has steadily grown until it’s a modern day sports mega phenomenon…. Read more »

What Does Your Management Model Look Like?

Ultimately every manager is judged by his/her results. How are those results delivered? Mostly as the product of a lot of systems. However, most managers do not understand, at a sufficient level of detail, how the underlying systems or processes in their businesses affect the overall delivery of their products and/or services. This is a… Read more »

The Guiding Force of Corporate Culture

Every business has a culture – a way of doing things that is learned as they learn what does and does not work. Culture is defined as the way people treat each other, how they communicate, behave together – the spoken and unspoken rules within a company. Some basic considerations about corporate culture A culture’s… Read more »

Being Accountable for a Peak Performance Culture

Two of our LeadershipOne business writers, Hal Johnson and Ed Street, expect to have their new book, The Accountable Executive, released in the Spring of 2009. This is the third in a series of five articles, each addressing a key accountability function, based on material from their book. They have observed that accountability is a… Read more »