Unclear Values & Vision

Personal values define ones role within a company and tell others what is considered important or desirable. Work ethic, integrity, professionalism, team work and relationships tell others what we value and desire. And when we disagree, our values and related behaviors are sources of conflicts with our business colleagues and/or family members. Conflicting values are a source of pain and disharmony. In order to move forward, we must find shared values and a common vision.

Conflicting visions are a common cause of pain and uncertainty within the workplace. Unless there are clearly defined company values and an accompanying vision, employees will find it difficult to be fully engaged in their role within the company.  Employees want to be committed to a common vision otherwise barriers will impede progress and zap creative energy. If clarity is not established around the key elements of the company vision, anxiety reigns and productivity is stagnant.

Does your family share values and have a common vision? Does your business have a governance structure that will help you perpetuate you values and implement your vision?

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