Strategic Planning & Implementation

Lack of a common vision, poor communication and a low level of trust are tripping points to sustaining and perpetuating any organization. We have discovered that high-level business achievement usually starts with a thorough and well managed strategic plan. Strategic plans need to be aligned with stakeholders’ values and goals, and then executed systematically to achieve the plan. Many have plans; few execute them well. In fact, intensive research out of Harvard University indicates at least 90 percent of businesses do not execute their strategies effectively.

Strategic planning is the beginning of the journey towards effective leadership. The first step in preparing a strategic plan is to determine where you are starting from.  Accordingly, a self-assessment can create focus and identify areas of opportunity. Identifying your core values can help keep you aligned with your vision and goals. Annual goals should address the four critical success areas for a business to thrive: customer, people, system and financial needs. A systematic progress review of the strategic plan implementation process is crucial to the success of the overall results.

We specialize in helping our clients establish the implementation process for the Strategic Plan, called the Action Plan Process. It is the key to realizing the benefits of developing the Strategic Plan. The Action Plan becomes the change management process in support of “keep getting better.” It helps deliver the results you want from your Strategic Plan.

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