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It’s Time to Think Strategy for 2013

It’s that time of year when most of you are involved in the strategic planning process. If you have not already, you will soon be thinking about what you want 2013 to look like. Without a doubt, the past several years have been some of the toughest any of us have seen in our entire… Read more »

Ruts and Predictability

Well, here we are, at the beginning of a new year with, hopefully, some new opportunities ahead. We have just gone through several of the worst economic years most of us have experienced in our life-times. But here we are. My experience tells me that it is pretty easy to get in a rut and… Read more »

How Disciplined is Your Leadership?

As a leader in your business, how disciplined are you at staying the course once you have hammered out a business initiative? Do you and your leadership team regularly fulfill the commitments you have made to achieve certain goals or projects? Rather than plunge into a great new direction, do you get more disciplined, more… Read more »

The Importance of Connecting with Your Team

The July-August Harvard Business Review has a very good article on being a collaborative leader. The focus of the article is about how highly effective Senior Executives keep their teams connected. Typically, an article in the HBR is about big business. However, there are a few concepts that certainly have application to where we work… Read more »

Building an HRO (High Reliability Organization)

Recently I was reading about the challenging environment of a nuclear aircraft carrier. Here are some of the characteristics: Manned by a bunch of 20-year olds Deadly jet engines that can suck a person into the jet intake if too close Jet exhausts that can severely burn a man or blow him overboard Jet fighter… Read more »

Am I Good Enough?

Interesting question, right? Actually, it’s probably the most asked question by top performers. Further, it’s a question a lot more managers should be asking themselves. It’s the kind of attitude that works well in any competitive environment – sports, business or the game of life itself. The heart of the issue is really not am… Read more »

Personal Effectiveness – The Continuing Challenge

I was recently going through my notes, preparing to give one of my workshops on the subject of Personal Effectiveness. In preparation for the workshop each participant is requested to read some background material so all who attend have a passing understanding of (1) what the Best Practice looks like in action, (2) what it… Read more »

Champions – the Key to Effectiveness

Exactly what is a Champion? The original meaning of the word comes to us from English history; in the Feudal Era, knights were expected to be champions of both prowess in combat and of causes, the latter most commonly being either patriotic, romantic or religious in nature. In sports, a champion is the athlete or… Read more »

Motivating Employees – The Leader’s Job

Did you know that most people in the US currently are unhappy with their jobs? It’s true. A recent CNN article mentions job satisfaction has hit a 22 year low. Despite going through one of the worst job markets in history, the majority of those still employed aren’t even satisfied with their job. This we… Read more »

March Madness – Lessons in Leadership

By the time this article reaches you the Final Four in college basketball will be completed. But I have to say, what a great example this whole “madness” process represents in intensity – and leadership. This great series started in 1939 and the intensity has steadily grown until it’s a modern day sports mega phenomenon…. Read more »