Family Business Leadership Series

Enhancing Your Leadership Skills

Do you have what it takes to be a leader? This intensive six-month program is focused on enhancing the strategic leadership and communications skills you need to assume a leadership role in your family organization. Unlike an MBA (which prepares you to be a manager), this program is designed to prepare you for impactful family business leadership and responsible ownership. This program will begin in spring of 2020.

Why is this program different?

  • Workshops
    • Held at family-owned companies around the state, highlighting different business sectors. You will tour the facilities and meet with Company leaders.
    • Take place in an intimate, interactive learning environment
    • Class size is limited to fifteen (15) qualified participants
  • Curriculum
    • Focuses on issues that make a family business unique, challenging and rewarding
    • Divided into four general areas of study:
      • Personal Leadership Effectiveness
      • Team Dynamics in a Family Business
      • Best Business Practices for Family Leaders
      • Vision, Values & Family Business Succession Planning
  • Faculty & Keynote Speakers
    • Current and former CEOs and founders of prominent family businesses
    • Speakers present their family stories; discuss their values and vision and how they have impacted their family and their business, as well as sharing personal experiences both good and bad
    • Participants learn from these leaders through thoughtful, confidential and intimate conversations and mentoring
  • Outcome
    • Develop essential tools to enhance your leadership skills in preparation for assuming greater responsibility in the family business and your community
    • Learn the difference between management, leadership and ownership
    • Develop a personal action plan to guide your continued development
  • Attendees
    • Emerging leaders of enterprising family companies
    • Highly motivated, open-minded individuals who have a commitment to learning and improving their value to the family and the company
    • Non-employee family business key stakeholders/owners

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